News & Insights 9 August 2012

A big hello to our new Turkish fans!

The Lightyears performing in Istanbul in 2011.Isn’t the internet amazing?

Last week I noticed a spike of interest in The Lightyears – via Twitter and Facebook – from Turkey. The magic of YouTube analytics means you can chart these trends very precisely and, after a minute or two poking around our stats, this is what I discovered… at the time of writing, our cover of David Guetta’s Titanium has racked up 20,277 views – 4,907 of those are from the last thirty days and, of that number, 3,197 are from Turkey. That’s at least ten times more than from any other single country in the month just passed.

Now, look – I know statistics aren’t really that interesting, but my point here is that the internet truly is a wonderful global tool for reaching new fans. I’ve no idea what spiked this, but it seems like the folks in that part of the world really do dig sensitive acoustic re-imaginings of massive dancefloor anthems. So there you go. And if you’re reading this from Turkey, greetings from The Lightyears and… Dinlediğiniz için teşekkürler! (You gotta love Google Translate).

Oh, and after Turkey, it would appear we’re most popular in Albania. Which means it’s finally time to book that seventy-five date tour of Fushë-Krujë.*

*yes, I did Google that.

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