News & Insights 21 June 2007

Banana Republic


I once met a girl from a Banana Republic
Who drove her Ford Capri with hanging dice to Dubrovnik

She flies in on the red-eye and she smuggles contraband
And she helps the pilot join the Mile-High Club before he lands

Banana Republic
Ba-Na-Na-Na-Na Republic

She parties in Ibiza, Magaluf, Biarritz and Spain,
I’ve never seen her sober – all she drinks is fine champagne

She says it is a cover for a mission she is on…
To find a greedy dot-com and then have it overthrown.


The last time that I saw her was in South Afghanistan
She was firing a machine gun and it really turned me on.

She gave me a small suitcase and she turned to me to say
“Give this to my father, he is El Presidente”


You’re my Banana Republic, yeah

Banana Republic

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