The Lightyears present

Bangers u0026amp; Anthems

Mixing a rock band and DJ beats to create a unique dancefloor-filling live show featuring samples from the original artists. For festivals and large corporate & private events.

Bands play songs.

We play blocks.

Bangers & Anthems is our flagship show and has been designed to more closely mirror a DJ set than a standard covers band. We ditched 80% of our set and added pop and dance anthems we’d previously considered ‘un-giggable’, building blocks of music that flow together.

Here are five that have been going down a storm over the past year:

We are 100% live.

We sample the artist and add it to the mix.

Of course, we can play 100% live if we want to… we just choose to incorporate some of the greatest pop and dance vocalists and riffs into our show. Try listening from just outside the venue – Is that a DJ? Is it a band? From the stage, we see people come to the dancefloor for the recorded music and then realise what’s going on and engage with the live performance.

A lucky dip of session musicians.

Consistent line-up. Consistent chemistry.

Did we mention that The Lightyears are made up of friends and brothers who have been playing in the same line-up since we were kids? No random session musicians here – Robbie Williams can keep them!

Seen it before…

Never seen anything quite like this…

Sick of the hyperbole? Want to watch one of our blocks at an actual gig? Oh, go on then…

Our Signature Mix

Just like other bands, except totally different.
This is how we do what we do.

Lead & Backing Vocals

Take one lead singer and a stack of harmony vocals

Live Instruments

Add the raw power of a five-piece pop/rock band

DJ Beats & Samples

Throw in DJ drops, dance grooves and a bunch of samples

Hype & Energy

Mix on stage with infectious energy and crowd-pleasing antics

Show Customisation

Serve to taste – hot and fresh

Bloody brilliant!
Roger Taylor, drummer from Queen
We can’t thank you enough, you were immense!!
The Winn-Darley Family, Yorkshire
OMG!!!!! How amazing are The Lightyears??? Can’t wait to book them again!!!
Juliet Cowper, RSVP Events
We have never known the crowd go wild in the same way for any other band. You were electric!
Astonbury Festival
Thank you for an evening I will never forget. I couldn't recommend you highly enough...
Gareth Southgate, England manager
Exhilarating! Their adoring fans gave them an ecstatic welcome...
Gap Festival
You made our entire event. It was the best party I've ever been to in my life!
Bob Skinstad, Cape Town Tens
The Lightyears put on the most incredible show. 400 people danced until their feet hurt...
Wargrave Festival
They were outstanding at Wembley. Highly recommended for any corporate event...
Edward Griffiths, Saracens RFC
You got EVERYONE onto the dance floor, across all age groups. You've been the talk of the town
The Foljambe Family, Portugal
You were amazing — you made the party. Thank you!
Henry Pepper, Yorkshire Players' Ball
The best performance of any band we've seen, all weekend!