News & Insights 10 July 2008

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire – Cambridge – 10/07/08

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Back at the BBC. The Beeb. A great institution and one of our spiritual homes – a place where people behave in a thoroughly British manner, there’s always lots of tea for everyone and they let you nip to the pub for a sneaky half before your interview. Jeremy Sallis (“Jezza” to us now) originally asked us into the Radio Cambridgeshire studio back in April after playing the Peterborough United charity single Posh We Are on his show, I think partly out of curiosity as to what we had in our repertoire beyond football club anthems. His weekly music show The Audio Files always features a live band, sometimes local, sometimes national and occasionally international (he had Jason Mraz on last week). We played Emily, Sleepless and new song Run, which seemed to be a particular favourite of Jez’s. There was a bit of chat about our Glastonbury experience, the INDY Awards and our association with Peterborough United – which I’m hoping didn’t dent our popularity in the Cambridge area, given that the two teams are bitter rivals – and everyone went home happy. You can listen again to the interview on the BBC Radio Cambridgeshire website.  

Chris Lightyear

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