Your Nan Loves This
Wedding Special
Walk The Reef
Starter For Ten*
Starter For Ten
Starter For 10
Start Your Engines
Starship Style [tracked]
Soca Ladies
Snog Song
Snog Song
Shag, Marry, Forget
Second Encore
Sad Boyz Bangerz Club 🎧
Rock This Club
Raveheart [tracked]
Power Anthems
Pop In C
Pop Goes The Party
Pop (Not) In C
Party Starter
One-Two Punch
One-Ten BPM
Motown Hoedown
Lads Lads Lads
Ladies Night
Kirsty + the Machine
Kings Of Lipa
Killers Gonna Kill [tracked]
Just For Danny
Indie Dancefloor*
Indie Dancefloor [parties]
Indie Dancefloor
Indie Dancefloor
Hey World! 🎧
Hello World
Grime Hootenanny 🎧
Gen Sex 🎧
First Dance
Fire Kills
Fire At The Disco
Fifties Jukebox*
Fifties Jukebox
Encore [live]
Encore [dep]
Edgy Pop [dep]
Edgy Pop
Easy Does It
DJ Nights [tracked]
Disco Queen
Dad Rock
Dad Dancing
Closing Time [not weddings]
Closing Time [core]
Closing Time
Close Your Eyes
Christmas Bonus
Can’t Get No Sleep [tracked]
Call Me Katy 🎧
Bring It Home
Bring It Home
Bad Girls 🎧
All The Feels [tracked]
All Filler No Killer
…And We’re Back!