News & Insights 10 August 2012

Brand-new free track unlocked at Project LYs

Look at those hands. Majestic hands. Strong, sinewy hands, hands that could steer a ship to -... Okay, fine. They're my hands.That’s right – you thought only Our Lord God could unlock Paradise, but you could not be more wrong.

Thanks to your 30,000+ views at, we’ve now reached our third target and have unlocked our acoustic cover of Coldplay’s “Paradise” from the album Mylo Xyloto.

Click here to claim your free copy.

And once again, thanks so much for your part in helping to spread the word. As I mentioned in my recent blog, the band’s now getting lots of new traffic from places like Turkey, Albania and Mexico, which is rather exciting. And we’ve booked in a session later this month to knock out some early previews of songs for the new album… so watch this space!

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