News & Insights 20 June 2008

Brand new Lightyears website online now

The new-look www.TheLightyears.comThe new-look is now online with a load of new features aimed at making your Lightyears experience more interactive.

The Lightyears are a busy band with a wide range of audio tracks, videos, pictures as well as Chris’s near-legendary tour blog. All of this stuff is now much easier to get hold of on the new site.

Also new is the ability for users to add their own comments and reviews with the ability to add photos and videos coming soon. If you’ve been to a Lightyears gig recently, check out the Past Gigs section where there are write-ups of gigs along with photos.

If you’re into RSS feeds and Social Bookmarking we’ve got that too. In the address bar at the top of the screen you’ll see an RSS logo which you can use to subscribe to The Lightyears newsfeed (for help click here). Below each story is a list of bookmark buttons so that you can share stories from this website with friends (for help click here).

If all that means nothing to you, you can simply add your email address to the box on the right to get Lightyears news and updates delivered to your inbox.

Finally, keep up to date with The Lightyears on the move by following the band with Twitter, the new social network that has taken America by storm. Like the Facebook Status Update, Twitter tells you what The Lightyears are doing as they’re doing it. Our latest ‘tweet’ is shown in the top left corner of the page. You can subscribe to Twitter here.


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