News & Insights 1 July 2007

Brightest Star

(Russell, Owens)

I’ve been waiting for an answer and I waited for you
But you never came home

I gave all the fire inside of me, I gave it to you
But you never came home

I’ve been waiting up for hours and sleep is coming soon
To my opening eyes

I’ve been bleeding all the chemistry coursing through my veins
So my desire won’t die

Show me strength and find me the energy
To let go my fear so that I can be free

Give me fire and give me smoke
Give me something I can wish for
Set me free don’t let me choke
Keep my heart beating

Give me thunder in the dark
Give me light enough to find you
Show me somewhere I can start
Don’t leave me reaching
Don’t leave me reaching
Or I will never be free

The sun is crawling over London and shining down on me
From an ebony sky

I’ve been lost and I’ve been wondering what this world could be
In a happier time

Lead me to the light I’ve been following
Then let go my hand so that I can be free

You’re the brightest star in the morning light

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