News & Insights 2 August 2008

Brightlingsea Festival – Brightlingsea, Essex – 02/08/08

How was it for us?

Brightlingsea is one of the best little festivals in the UK. It’s a real community affair and you get the sense that pretty much everyone who lives in the town comes along at some point during the day.

Overall they get something like 10,000 people through the doors, aided by the fact that it’s free to get in. Music starts at around midday and we went onstage at 5.30 (although it was a close call – see my Brightlingsea blog for the full story!) in front of a busy crowd and a lazy, sunny summer sky.

I think it’s fair to say we played a pretty consummate festival set, kicking off with mid-pace numbers like She’s The One and Beat Alive, picking up speed around the middle with Sleepless, Banana Republic and Emily and ending on the anthemic pop of Brightest Star and The Last Night

For a flavour of what it would have been like to be there, check out Episode #3 of LY-TV.

Chris Lightyear

How was it for you?

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