News & Insights 1 August 2012

Chris Lightyear published in Body Gossip book

The Body Gossip girls with Gok Wan, caught in the midst of a really quite aggressive who-can-grin-the-widest competition.In late 2010, The Lightyears wrote and recorded the soundtrack to two short films by Body Gossip, a campaign aiming to challenge society’s unrealistic and narrow beauty ideals. On September 6th, Body Gossip are releasing their first book, with a foreword by Gok Wan, and it features a story by none other than me, Chris Lightyear. And it’s about my bum (or lack thereof).

My article is called ‘Does My Bum Look Small In This?’ – but if you want to read it yourself then, by George, you’ll just have to pre-order a copy from Amazon. And in the unlikely event that you need convincing, there are naked people on the cover. Boobs, and arses, and all that. So there.

Body Gossip is run by the amazing Ruth Rogers and Natasha Devon. Find out more on the BG Facebook page.

As you probably know, I’ve been honing my writing skills over the last few years while working on my debut novel, a semi-fictionalised re-telling of the story of The Lightyears, entitled Mockstars. We recently released three readings from the book at Project Lightyears, and here’s the one where I try (and fail!) to impress an A&R Man from a major record label:

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