News & Insights 25 March 2009

Chris Lightyear to star in Body Gossip premiere

I have been asked to star alongside a cast of celebrities in the world premiere of revolutionary theatre event Body Gossip this Sunday 29 March at The Hub in King’s Cross.

The Lightyears will be performing after the show – including a batch of new songs not yet heard live – but in addition to this I will be donning my theatre hat to join Anne Diamond, Big Brother’s Nikki Grahame, Mikyla Dodd (A.K.A. “The Fat Girl From Hollyoaks”) and more besides in dramatising monologues written by real people about their thoughts on, and experiences with, body image.

This Sunday’s launch event sold out several weeks ago; however, if you missed out this time, never fear – plans are afoot for repeat events in the future. 

Visit the Body Gossip website for more information.

It’s rather important at this stage that I point out at that, yes, this does technically make me a celebrity now. However, I won’t let my new status as disgustingly famous affect me as a person. Please, if you see me in the street, don’t shy away. Don’t feel intimidated by my presence. Come and ask for an autograph. Yes, there is a chance I will strike you down for wasting my time, but imagine if I don’t! What a thrill that would be for you.

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