News & Insights 30 June 2007


(Russell, Owens, Lyons)

Little sister walking by, with a look in her eye,
“Come on”, she’s saying.
“I’m going out with all my friends tonight,
See we’ve got drinks to buy and parties to attend,”

“Oh, today I got a man from SA
He’s got a lot to learn and I’ve got plenty to say”
So come on (come on), come on (come on)
She wanna stop in The Sun, smile at everybody,

Emily, I’m sorry,
We’re just fooling around (just fooling around)
Emily, I’m sorry
We’re just fooling around (just fooling around)

”Four more hours of work today, then it’s time to play,
I’ve got all my things,
And I love the conversation-stop
When they laugh a lot at the things that I say”


Little sister, smiles and tan, got a brand new plan
Most all of the time,
Says “I’ve got some other flames to fan,
See not quite every man is eating out of my hand…”


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