News & Insights 23 June 2007


(Russell, Owens)

Jamie knows what’s best for me.
I think I’ll ask his advice, And he says ‘I don’t know her
Anymore than I knew you, and we’re just fine, don’t be afraid’.

Jamie gets us both a drink.
Says he can see right through her,
‘She will break your heart you that,’
Maybe that’s just how I am, I don’t like it but it’s me. Maybe.

No, something else is bothering me.
She’s not the first mysterious girl
I’ve fallen for – is this the same?

There’s a picture in my head –
Stop me if you’ve heard this –
Of all that I want you to be…
And Jamie knows she’s not the image, she’s just smiles and bright blue eyes,
Do they see me, should I just think or speak on this,
I don’t know, no.

And all this time, she swims by,
And I don’t want her knowing this
Is all that I can think of now
(She’s so everything just now)
And now we’re talking, she’s just looking
Everywhere but in my eyes
And if she looked up I might know. If she looked up…

‘I don’t know what’s bothering you,’ she’d say,
And Jamie says what I think she thinks,
‘Maybe, maybe not today,’
And maybe we’re just playing games,
I like to think you think of me.
Is that so wrong?

And all this time, as she swings by
(I laugh at all her jokes and cry)
She makes me feel like all this feeling is alright,
It’s fine, oh I don’t want her,
I just want to know that everything is fine.
I want her to know that I am fine
I want her, I want her, no, I don’t want her,
I just want to know that I am still alive.

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