News & Insights 19 January 2009

First reviews of “London, England”

The first reviews of the new album are beginning to trickle in from various sources.

Irish national music magazine State gave it four out of five stars, proclaiming that “in a world of passing fashion, fake credibility and media hype, The Lightyears are able to stand out for all the right reasons”.

Click here to read State’s review of London, England.

Following the publicity in State, the Dublin-based radio station Phantom FM reviewed the album on air on Friday afternoon. Phil Udell described the band as “Babyshambles without the drugs – and with better manners”.

Click here to listen to Phantom FM’s review of London, England.

The all-powerful blogging scene is also beginning to pick up on the release and early reviews have recently come in from the Canada-based blog BestInBritishMusic and dualling indie critics Monkton Vs Plankton.

London, England is a great upbeat album – and a surefire way to beat those winter blues…” BESTINBRITISHMUSIC, CANADA

Click here to read BestInBritishMusic’s review of London, England.

“2009 has been generous to us so far, with great new albums from Animal Collective and Franz Ferdinand. London, England is further proof that this might just be the year that keeps on giving…” MONKTON VS PLANKTON

Click here to read Monkton Vs Plankton’s review of London, England.

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