News & Insights 26 June 2008

Glastonbury Festival – Somerset – 26/06/08

How was it for us?

The wonderful folks at the Green Fuse Stage, who gave us our first ever Glastonbury gig back in 2005, had bought themselves a sexy new pink tent this year, wheeled in their trusty white piano and booked a programme of live music lasting the length of the festival. We had a cracking gig there on Thursday night. Festival weather was stunning most of the weekend, but the one major downpour coincided precisely with this gig and we were almost washed away by the miniature Niagara that came cascading down from the roof of the tent onto the front of the stage. Not to be deterred, we knocked out an hour’s worth of rocking acoustic numbers, including a new tune called Good Time Back. By the end of the set the whole crowd was up and dancing, and George even ventured off the stage to join them for a sneaky boogie. 

Chris Lightyear

How was it for you?

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