News & Insights 27 June 2008

Glastonbury Festival – Somerset – 27/06/08

How was it for us?

The legendary Small World Stage was the venue for our second Glasto gig of 2008. Run by a folk superhero named Pony, Small World is solar-powered and regularly appears at festivals all across the country. The mood at the Friday show was chilled compared to the previous evening, probably due to a combination of the later hour and the insane amount of chai tea the audience had consumed. We responded with an intimate, ballad-heavy set featuring songs like Miles Away, Home For The Weekend and Fine. It wasn’t all downbeat though, with new songs Put The Gun Down and Good Time Back getting first and second airings respectively. For the second time at Glastonbury we moved out into the crowd and performed Gimme Some completely unplugged, which is about as “festival” as you can get. Then we drank lots of chai tea. But I spiked mine with whiskey. Tasted a bit weird. I guess milk and spirits don’t necessarily mix.

Chris Lightyear

How was it for you?

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