News & Insights 14 June 2008

Grovestock Festival – London – 14/06/08

How was it for us?

This was our second year at Grovestock, Grove Park’s very own mini music festival. The weather held out, thankfully, and hundreds of people turned up. Grovestock is quintessentially English and they usually get some pretty quirky acts in – this year, for example, they had the baffling cabaret singer Ivana von Trapposki sharing a stage with Radio 1’s Mike Reid, who was hosting the pop quiz. We played two half-hour sets, including an acoustic set (Fine, Home For The Weekend, Girl On The Radio and This House Will Burn), some rockier numbers (She’s The One, Beat Alive, Banana Republic, Emily etc) and a few covers too. Near the end of our first set the power cut out across the whole of Chiswick and the stage fell silent. Luckily we had Gimme Some up our sleeves and were able to come out from behind our instruments, usher the audience right up to the stage and serenade them a capella style. By the time we were finished, the power was back. Seamless.

Chris Lightyear

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