News & Insights 3 March 2007

I’ve now been awake for nearly 40 hours

Saturday 3 March, 9pm (A hotel, somewhere near Dublin):
Tonight’s gig is a low-key acoustic set at a private party in a Dublin hotel. It’s a pretty laid-back show, which is just as well for me as I’ve now been awake for nearly 40 hours and I’m beginning to feel decidedly odd. We don our sharpest Lightyears suits and knock out a set of acoustic tunes – George does his Sinatra thing and cradles a glass of whiskey in one hand, whilst Tony and I keep the music flowing in the background. I am offered a pint of lager, which in theory is a bad idea but after I’ve taken a sip I suddenly begin to perk up. This is excellent news.

On the way home after the show we stop in at the nearest shop to pick up some supplies. I notice, as we’re pushing the trolley around, that we seem to be attracting bemused stares from our fellow customers. It’s roughly at this point that I remember we are all still dressed in suits. In the supermarket. We look like The Usual Suspects (if The Usual Suspects were known for hanging around the tinned vegetable aisle in Tesco’s, which unless I’m greatly mistaken is not the case). Time to retreat perhaps.

Sunday 4 March, 8.30pm (Whelan’s, Dublin):
Tonight’s the big one. We are opening for the awesome Fred at the world-famous Whelan’s in Dublin. Fred are, without doubt, the funniest band you could hope to meet. Check out their website at and you’ll see what I mean.

Fred keep referring to us as “UK Sensations The Lightyears”, which I have to say I heartily approve of. Whelan’s is a fantastic venue – and it’s stage has been graced by hundreds of great artists. There’s pretty much a sell-out crowd in tonight, and although I feel very distinctly that we are The Support Band, we’re warmly received by Fred’s fans nevertheless. Beat Alive and Miles Away seem to go down particularly well, and a bunch of people ask me afterwards when we’re due back in Dublin. Best start booking the next tour then…!

Oh, and Fred are superb. At one point the lead guitarist crowd surfs on some dude’s shoulders whilst playing a solo. They both crash to the ground and for a moment there is a hushed silence. When, remarkably, both re-emerge unscathed, there is applause all round. Those wacky Irish scamps.

Monday 5 March, 2pm (Pub, Dublin Airport):
The tour ends in pretty much the same way it began – The Lightyears, surrounded by instruments, flanked by Guinness, in an airport pub. Glorious.

Next stop: London Town. Home.

Chris Lightyear

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