News & Insights 23 October 2009

Jamming on an open-top bus!

Chris and Shaun waiting for the busOK, so it’s Week Three and yet again I found myself gathering up an instrument and heading off to a slightly unconventional jamming session for the new T-Mobile ad campaign. I was on guitar rather than piano today because the session was taking place on a vintage open-top bus driving through the centre of London. I know. This was rock and roll in its purest form.

George is out-of-town at the moment so I took my kid brother Shaun with me, who is a stunning musician and, not that surprisingly, looks almost exactly like me (see picture above for evidence). We started early – 9am to be precise – and spent almost the entire day driving through London’s busiest streets singing to the masses. True to form, Josh had gathered together a motley crew of musicians and vocalists, not to mention a battalion of enthusiastic cheerleaders (complete with pom-poms) to entertain the people of Oxford Street, Soho and Mayfair.

We were a genuine spectacle, cruising through Piccadilly Circus singing and playing and generally causing a ruccus. Tourists stood open-mouthed. Builders whooped and cheered. Hearts were lifted, boundaries were crossed. The superband is growing…

If you’re a musician, you should get involved. Contact Josh via his Myspace page.

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