News & Insights 15 October 2008

Lightyears publish political manifesto

McCain and Obama duke it out LYs-styleTonight marks the historic final debate between American presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama – but early reports suggest that the eyes of the world’s media may instead be focussed on YouTube, where The Lightyears have just published their own unique response to the US Election Race entitled Obama Republic.

The Lightyears first performed the song at the McKibbin Lofts in Brooklyn during the New York tour in September and audience response was so overwhelming that a video shoot was immediately scheduled upon the band’s return.

The video, which is a re-working of popular LYs track Banana Republic from the album Mission Creep, features a star-studded cast including the two big cahoonas themselves along with trusty sidekicks Sarah Palin and Joe Biden.

Check out the video here and if (like many others before you) you find it moving, poignant and deeply incisive, please leave a comment. Global change starts here, friends. It’s just one mouse-click away…

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