News & Insights 15 January 2009

“London, England” photoshoot online in Gallery

Head on over to the LYs gallery to check out a set of previously unseen photos taken last year in the studio during the recording of our new album London, England.

The photos were taken of the band, by the band, at the Voyager School in Peterborough during March and April 2008. The Voyager boasts a fully kitted out, state-of-the-art recording studio and we became the first professional band to use its facilities since the school’s launch in late 2007.

You’ll notice me doing my best impression of a World War Two fighter pilot and George and Tony struggling in vain to look important and as if they really know what all those little knobs do. Yeah, like anybody even knows that.

n.b. whilst we’re on this subject, if you ever hear Tony talking about “KTL ratios” with regard to their significance in the recording process, don’t be sucked in. It stands for “Knob To Light” ratio and he MADE IT UP to confuse innocent bystanders. The scamp.

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