News & Insights 8 September 2010

LYs provide soundtrack for celebrity-backed campaign

We’ve just written two original pieces of music to soundtrack the latest short film releases from the Body Gossip campaign.

Body Gossip, run by the fantastic Ruth Rogers, aims to challenge society’s unrealistic and narrow beauty ideals and has been gaining huge traction over the last few years.

The videos, entitled “What Are We Protecting Our Children From?” and “This One Is For You“, feature performances from Big Brother’s Nikki Grahame, Anne Diamond and Caryn Franklin (The Clothes Show), all of whom are actively backing the campaign.

Follow the links below to view the films:

– “What Are We Protecting Our Children From?
– “This One Is For You

“The films… are edited together alongside a gorgeously subtle score composed specially by London-based band The Lightyears…” (read more)

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