News & Insights 31 October 2012

LYs soundtrack award-winning campaign

For anyone who hasn't figured it out yet, they want you to Tell Everybody.As many of you may know, The Lightyears have previously soundtracked a number of short films for the positive body image campaign Body Gossip.

A new video has been released today featuring bespoke music from the LYs, and it’s called Poem For Women – a satirical take on weight loss, written by Lola Frears and performed by a cast of celebrities including Natalie Cassidy and Big Brother’s Nikki Grahame.

Body Gossip released the video today in celebration of the fact that, last night, co-founders Ruth & Natasha won ‘Ultimate Campaigners’ at the 2012 Cosmopolitan Women Of The Year Awards. This is incredible news – campaigns like this may appear to spring up out of nowhere, but here in The Lightyears we’ve watched The Dynamic Duo build Body Gossip up literally from nothing, and it’s been truly inspiring to watch.

Find out more on the Body Gossip website, and click below to watch ‘Poem For Women’:

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