News & Insights 12 September 2008

LYs track “Single Of The Day” at Amie Street

One day after being uploaded to the site, Lightyears track Phoenix has been named “Single Of The Day” on online download store Amie Street.

All five tracks from new Lightyears EP At Midnight have been made available for download from Amie Street ahead of the record’s physical release this Sunday 14 September at the Time Out “Back To School Blowout” Festival in Union Square, New York. The physical release for UK fans follows a week later on Monday 22nd.

Amie Street, a social networking site as well as a music download outlet, has been making waves since its launch in 2006 due to it unique system of pricing tracks. The site uses an algorithm to determine song prices – the cost of a track starts at zero when a song is uploaded onto the site and rises according to increased demand (with the price being capped at 98 cents). 

Users can open accounts and purchase credit in order to download songs; alternatively, users can earn credit by recommending songs they like to other listeners. The site also has its own Facebook Application called “Fantasy Records”, which allows fans to create their own “record label” from songs in their Amie Street account.  

Visit The Lightyears on Amie Street to find out more.

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