News & Insights 20 November 2013

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music novelFor the past few years I’ve been working on a music novel inspired by my international tour diaries for The Lightyears. It’s called Mockstars, and I like to churlishly refer to it as ‘an uplifting tale of debts, mugs and rock ‘n’ roll’.

Mockstars has its very own website now at, which explains the background behind the book and hosts various news stories, blog postings, videos, photos and quotes from other authors. It’s probably the best website of all time, apart from obviously this one and AskJeeves, the rich man’s Google.

Incidentally, things took an exciting turn earlier this month when I was signed up by leading literary agent Ed Wilson at Johnson & Alcock, bringing the book (hopefully) one step closer to publication. Finding an agent has been a tough journey – less than 1% of writers who submit to agents get taken on – so I feel pretty lucky to have found someone who really gets the sense of humour behind the novel. We’ll be keeping you posted with any Mockstars-related news in the coming months.

In the meantime, enjoy the site, and perhaps think about asking for a Kindle for Christmas. Just in case.

Chris Lightyear

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