News & Insights 16 December 2010

Our Top 20 Moments Of 2010

Festive greetings to one and all!

It’s been a quieter than usual year here at Lightyears HQ, as between us we have been busy finishing a PhD, having a baby, moving to Yorkshire and writing a novel. Having said that, we’ve still found time to get up to mischief on most continents and, in celebration of this fact, we thought we’d share with you our Top 20 Moments Of 2010.

(ps. I know what you’re thinking: ‘PhDs, babies, country houses and novel writing. Does it get any more rock ‘n’ roll than that?’. Well no, it doesn’t. I mean, who needs sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll when you’ve got nappies, Aristotle and fixed-rate mortgages?).

OUR TOP TWENTY MOMENTS OF 2010 (in no particular order):

1. Supporting Eliza Doolittle and Right Said Fred at Wembley Stadium

2. Discovering our name next to Barack Obama’s on a statue outside the Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town…!

3. Performing inside an ocean liner at The Queen’s Birthday Ball in South Korea

4. Watching the sun rise over Seoul after a night on the tiles

5. The birth of Jacob Lyons, the world’s first Mini-Lightyear

6. Leaving Wembley Stadium on a fleet of Virgin limobikes!

7. ‘Come With Me’, our first major label single release (released on Universal in January)

8. Watching our good friends Jukebox The Ghost on the David Letterman Show

9. Getting a standing ovation at the Burlington Amphitheatre in New Jersey on a hot summer’s evening

10. Turning ten years old (as a band, that is)

11. Appearing on Channel Four during Celebrity Big Brother at the climax of the T-Mobile campaign

12. Headlining the Cape Town Tens in South Africa

13. Performing to two thousand people in Astoria Park, New York

14. My first offical novel-reading in a country house in Durham (you’ll get to read it soon, I promise)

15. Watching the waves crash onto the shore at Cape Point, South Africa, after a killer tour

16. Discovering our second plaque of the year on Maureen’s Porch in Riverton, New Jersey…!

17. Appearing in Saatchi & Saatchi’s ’40 Years of Nothing Is Impossible’ feature for the T-Mobile campaign

18. Reading our double-page spread in the New York Daily News

19. Finding out that live music is back on at the Clapham Grand. Put FRIDAY 25 MARCH in your diaries now…!

20. Performing our latest stadium anthem ‘This United Kingdom’ (and then Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’) to 40,000 people at Wembley on Boxing Day


So… looking ahead to next year, we hope to see you all at the CLAPHAM GRAND for our headline show on FRIDAY 25 MARCH. More details to follow!

The first novel in The Lightyears Series, entitled ‘Mockstars’ and written by, erm, me, is nearing completion. We’re also due to return to the studio in the early part of 2011 so watch this space for fresh material coming your way very soon.

Happy New Year folks!

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