News & Insights 1 June 2007

People have killed for lesser breakfasts than this

Friday 1 June, 9am (Grand Hyatt Hotel, Seoul, South Korea):
We have been in Korea for a few days and by far the distinguishing feature of the tour so far has been BREAKFAST. The breakfasts at the Grand Hyatt are world-beating. People have killed for lesser breakfasts than this. Muffins, pancakes, fresh fruit, juices, joints of meat, waffles… sometimes I could weep at the beauty, I really could.

Incidentally, we are currently eating breakfast next to the Dutch National Football Team, who are playing a friendly against Korea tomorrow night and are all staying at the Hyatt. And, may I take this opportunity to say, we are soundly whipping them in the eating stakes. Football may be the new rock ‘n’ roll but we have totally out-breakfasted these pretenders at every turn. Today, for example, I collect and devour the following sequence of dishes: Grapefruit Juice Aperitif, Fresh Fruit Course, Pastry Course, Fry-up Course comprising Eggs, Beans, Sausages, Bacon & Toast, Maple Syrup Belgian Waffle & Honey Roast Ham Course, One Glass Orange Juice, One Glass Apple Juice, Two Black Coffees, Post-entrée Fresh Fruit Course, Pastry, Coffee, End. ‘ave it, van Nistelrooy.

Later Tony confesses to me that he bumped into a guy in the lift yesterday who looked arrestingly familiar. After spending a couple of minutes trying to place him, he asked “I’m sorry… do I know you?”. The guy shook his head wearily, and that was that. It wasn’t until Tony left the elevator that it clicked – wait, I do know that guy. He’s Marco Van Basten. One of the finest footballers of the twentieth century. Ah.

Chris Lightyear

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