News & Insights 5 July 2008

Riverside Festival – Stamford, Lincolnshire – 05/07/08

Summertime in StamfordHow was it for us?

This was our third appearance at Riverside Festival – but the first time the weather had been on our side. We all still vividly remember launching into Another Lovely Day in 2004 and watching as the heavens opened and unleashed a torrent of rain upon our unfortunate onlookers. Today, however, the weather was stunning. And the people had turned out in droves. There must have been a good few thousand people on site, with each stage attracting a crowd of hundreds. We played a really upbeat set, which seemed to be particularly popular with the teenage element in the crowd. Most importantly, we chucked in three new songs – Put The Gun Down, Good Time Back (never heard before outside of Glastonbury!) and Brightest Star (a song born to be played at festivals). We opened with Beat Alive and closed with a pretty epic rendition of The Last Night. Top weather, top sound, top festival. Can’t really ask for more!

Chris Lightyear

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