News & Insights 29 June 2007


(Russell, Owens)

If you’re ever gonna run my boy
I’m afraid you’re heading for a wall
And I’d hate to see you fall
I think you’d better step outside
One day you might hear a deeper call
But you don’t care at all

You’re never gonna swim that ocean clearer
You’re never gonna be that boy again
You’re never gonna fly unless you leave her
Or something’s gonna give inside your head

You’re never gonna run
You’re never gonna run

I hear you say “It’s not my fault”
You play the game but you don’t know the rules
Afraid you’re gonna lose 

As seven easy years have shown
We can give you everything you need
But it won’t come for free


I wish I could be more than just a witness
I don’t want to see this fall apart
But there has been a fire and London’s burning
Nothing that we built is built to last


There are places that you’ve never seen in sunlight
People that you’ve never understood
A conversation overheard at midnight
Imagination trampled underfoot

A million other faces keeping secrets
Don’t you feel a fire for what they mean?
Where is the desire and where’s the hunger?
Nothing for a thousand miles to see

You’re never gonna run

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