News & Insights 25 June 2007

She’s The One


She was a girl like no other
On my computer screen
She came from Surrey in the suburbs
But London was her scene

She worked in media and fashion
Lived in Highgate on the tube
And I just had to meet her
Sounded too good to be true

So after e-mailed faint attractions
Met in Chalk Farm for a drink
She wore the latest Hoxton fashions
Pretty trendy, but I think

That her clothes they do not suit her
And her business chat’s put on
But she’s the one I’m after
Affected girls just turn me on

She’s the one for me
She’s the one for me

We had to date in the right places
Primrose Hill, Point 101
She thought she was one of the faces
Fashion friends all tagged along

I liked the bright lights and the city
The excitement of it all
But she’s in media and fashion
Never could get comfortable


These are the good old days, just wait and see

Bassline written by Garry Jones. See

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