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LYs offer fans free money! No catch!

19 January 2009

Our new album London, England is now available to buy from our online shop, priced £5 (click here to visit the shop page and buy your copy) – but for those craving the digital option, the album will become available to download from iTunes, Napster, eMusic and various other online outlets in the coming weeks. In the meantime, outside of the album will be available exclusively from independent download store and social networking site Amie Street

If you’re not already an account holder at Amie Street, then boy do we have a treat for you – $5 (that’s £3.38) of free store credit, no questions asked, for Lightyears fans (courtesy of Amie Street and Fanbridge)*.

That’s right, we’re just chucking money around as if it were confetti (which it may as well be in the current economic climate). 

Click here to join Amie Street and receive $5 of free store credit

For all those unfamiliar with the Amie Street system, newly uploaded tracks start free and increase in price as demand for them rises. A little bit like Wall Street. Only without all the back-stabbing and Armani suits.

* don’t worry – you don’t have to be based in the USA to use the site!

New Lightyears album out now

19 January 2009

Chris referred to the other two as 'his bitches' behind their backs

Morning pop fans! Welcome to Monday 19 January – a day that shall hereafter be remembered for unleashing the furious might of our new album London, England upon the world.

The album is now available from our online shop, priced £5.

Click here to buy your copy!

For those craving the digital option, London, England will become available to download from iTunes, Napster, eMusic and various other online outlets in the coming weeks. In the meantime, outside of the album will be available exclusively from independent download store and social networking site Amie Street.

Our Top 20 Moments Of 2008

23 December 2008

George, Danny, Tony & Chris at the 2008 INDY AwardsSo, as 2008 draws to a close, I thought I’d send out a festive greeting to all our fans. Y’know, kinda like The Queen’s Speech.

2008 has been an unpredictable year. We’ve never known quite where we’re gonna end up from one month to another but it’s been a pretty exciting ride all told. 

We have big plans for 2009. Our new album “London, England” is coming out in the New Year and we have a feeling you’re gonna like it! Plus next year is gonna be all about you – the fans – and we’ll be spending our time creating music, media and all manner of delectable treats intended for your voracious consumption. More about that after Christmas… 

In the meantime, we’d like to thank Lightyears fans everywhere for your continuing support of the band. Wherever you are and whoever you’re with, have a disgracefully Merry Christmas and a calamitous New Year.

In the meantime, here are our Top 20 Most Memorable Moments Of 2008:

  1. Performing at London Road stadium to thousands of people (twice!)
  2. Being played on XFM
  3. Being name-checked in The Guardian newspaper
  4. Selling out The Troubadour
  5. Performing in front of Barry Fry and the Mayor of Peterborough
  6. Reaching #45 in the iTunes Plus Top 100 with charity single “Posh We Are”
  7. Touring to Ireland to play at the launch of national music magazine State
  8. Making the short-list for Best Pop Act at the INDY Awards
  9. Presenting the award for Best Female Solo Act at the INDYs alongside Feargal Sharkey and Mike Rutherford
  10. Playing London Astoria 2
  11. Drinking a toast in a Korean jacuzzi at 7am after one of the best gigs of our lives

  12. Performing twice at Glastonbury Festival
  13. Supporting the Mystery Jets at a packed Barfly
  14. Fans at Brightlingsea Festival singing all our lyrics back to us on a hot August evening
  15. Flying Business Class to New York!
  16. Headlining the Time Out Festival in Union Square, Manhattan
  17. Releasing our EP “At Midnight” in the USA and being nominated as “Single Of The Day” at Amie Street
  18. Filming a music video for “Obama Republic
  19. Recording our new album “London, England”
  20. Buying a bitchin’ new van!

Here’s to 2009!

Chris Lightyear

LYs track “Single Of The Day” at Amie Street

12 September 2008

One day after being uploaded to the site, Lightyears track Phoenix has been named “Single Of The Day” on online download store Amie Street.

All five tracks from new Lightyears EP At Midnight have been made available for download from Amie Street ahead of the record’s physical release this Sunday 14 September at the Time Out “Back To School Blowout” Festival in Union Square, New York. The physical release for UK fans follows a week later on Monday 22nd.

Amie Street, a social networking site as well as a music download outlet, has been making waves since its launch in 2006 due to it unique system of pricing tracks. The site uses an algorithm to determine song prices – the cost of a track starts at zero when a song is uploaded onto the site and rises according to increased demand (with the price being capped at 98 cents). 

Users can open accounts and purchase credit in order to download songs; alternatively, users can earn credit by recommending songs they like to other listeners. The site also has its own Facebook Application called “Fantasy Records”, which allows fans to create their own “record label” from songs in their Amie Street account.  

Visit The Lightyears on Amie Street to find out more.

New Lightyears EP – out next week

11 September 2008

At Midnight, the new 5-track EP from The Lightyears, will be released this Sunday 14 September in the USA. UK release will follow a week later.

The first opportunity for fans in the States to get their hands on At Midnight will be at the Time Out “Back To School Blowout” open-air festival in Union Square, New York, this Sunday. Following The Lightyears’ performance on the main stage at 3.30pm, At Midnight will be on sale in Virgin Megastore where the band will also be signing copies on request.

In addition, all five tracks are available online at new social networking site and music download store Amie Street. At Amie Street, the price for newly-uploaded tracks begins at zero and rises according to increasing demand (with the ultimate price being capped at 98 cents). Check out The Lightyears on Amie Street.

The EP will be released in the UK on Monday 22 September. The record features familiar tracks She’s The One and This House Will Burn along with instrumental Phoenix and new songs Brightest Star and Run.