Lightyears’ debut performance in Istanbul

7 April 2011

The LYs onstage in IstanbullLast week we played for the first time in Istanbul, the ‘unofficial’ capital of Turkey. We were flown out there to perform on a man-made island called Suada, which is rather like a floating yacht club out in The Bosphorus.

We sang as the sun went down over the stunning architecture of the city, Europe on one side, Asia on the other. I can definitely recommend this as an experience (although the singing part isn’t essential).

Here’s to many more future visits!

Lightyears to tour to South Africa

21 January 2009

Get ready for the latest instalment in our grand plan to conquer the world – next week we are leaving British soil for Cape Town, South Africa.

We’ve been booked to headline at the Cape Town Tens Rugby Tournament on 7 and 8 February and we’re mighty excited about it.

Click here to read the Cape Town Tens’ article on the band

This is our first trip to SA and also represents the fourth continent ticked off our To-Do list – Europe, Asia, North America and Africa down, just South America, Australasia and Antarctica still to go. You can read up on our global adventures thus far by visiting my Tour Diary page.

We’re heading off next Thursday for a few days on the beach before the “work” side of things kicks in, so we’ll be sure to keep in touch with you guys whenever we can with news of our various adventures. Whilst we’re out there promoting our own songs we’ll be throwing some old favourites into the mix too for singalong value and so we’re taking little Johnny Owens along with us to fill in on bass duties. Even Danny Lightyear, our mohican-ed soundman, will be leaving the confines of Watlington, Oxfordshire, and beasting up Cape Town like there’s no tomorrow.

Watch this space for news from SA!

nb. LYs trivia moment – we make reference to a South African friend of ours in the first verse of Emily: “Oh, today I got a man from SA – he’s got a lot to learn and I’ve got plenty to say”. In fact we’ll be hooking up with him in Cape Town. That’s poetry for ya.