LYs offer fans free money! No catch!

19 January 2009

Our new album London, England is now available to buy from our online shop, priced £5 (click here to visit the shop page and buy your copy) – but for those craving the digital option, the album will become available to download from iTunes, Napster, eMusic and various other online outlets in the coming weeks. In the meantime, outside of the album will be available exclusively from independent download store and social networking site Amie Street

If you’re not already an account holder at Amie Street, then boy do we have a treat for you – $5 (that’s £3.38) of free store credit, no questions asked, for Lightyears fans (courtesy of Amie Street and Fanbridge)*.

That’s right, we’re just chucking money around as if it were confetti (which it may as well be in the current economic climate). 

Click here to join Amie Street and receive $5 of free store credit

For all those unfamiliar with the Amie Street system, newly uploaded tracks start free and increase in price as demand for them rises. A little bit like Wall Street. Only without all the back-stabbing and Armani suits.

* don’t worry – you don’t have to be based in the USA to use the site!