guinness world record

Blitz spirit

4 June 2012

'Drizzle schmizzle. We want to sing!'This was the view from the crowd during our headline set at the Goring & Streatley Jubilee celebrations yesterday. What a night!

During set-up and soundcheck, fears were afoot that the incessant drizzle would keep people away but, as it turns out, the age-old stiff-upper-lip Blitz spirit kicked in and a huge crowd braved the weather for an awesome night of singing and dancing.

You can’t really close a queentessentially British Jubilee celebration without playing “Hey Jude”, so we did – and here’s a video shot from the crowd.

Oh, and the street party that preceded the concert – spanning the length of the villages’ twin bridges – has been getting press as the longest in the UK. Possible Guinness world record apparently…! Read more on the ITV website.

People of Goring & Streatley, thanks for being part of one of our highlights of 2012 so far. As homecoming gigs go, I can’t imagine one much better.

*image originally posted on Twitter by Debbie Walpole, @DWTBC