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The King is Dead… Long Live The King!

26 June 2009

Michael Jackson was always destined to become a legend, and now he can properly begin that process.

Traditionally, pop stars have struggled to grow old gracefully. Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, Buddy Holly et al all figured out that if you die young, leave a good-looking corpse and, most importantly, don’t go a bit mental and start dangling babies out of first floor windows, you’ll find it a lot easier to live an unblemished eternity in the hearts of millions when you die.

Not so for poor old Michael who, to use a Presleyan analogy, suffered a harrowingly public “big fat burgers on a toilet seat” phase. However, now that he is gone, fans can mourn his death, the media can start pretending that they never slagged him off whilst he was alive and the King Of Pop can pass happily into legend, where he belongs.

Shamon people.

There’ll never be another Michael.

RIP Michael Jackson, 1958 – 2009