LYs music video breaks 100,000 views

19 November 2013

titanium coverOur piano-based acoustic cover of David Guetta’s smash hit song Titanium has now surpassed 100,000 views on YouTube. We’d like to thank our parents, our fans, and of course Jesus.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you may be aware that a fair old chunk of this traffic has come from Turkey, where the video has been on regular rotation on the country’s equivalent of MTV. Honestly, we now can’t walk down the street in Ankara without being showered in confetti. It’s a little disconcerting.

Powder Keg Sessions

The Lightyears’ Titanium cover came out of our Powder Keg Sessions, where we recorded similar versions of Coldplay’s Paradise and Rihanna’s We Found Love. If you like the look of the place in these videos, it’s actually a really excellent cocktail bar in Clapham called Powder Keg Diplomacy – you know, the kind of place where they serve gin slings in china teacups. Well worth a visit.

Now, as proud as we are of this frankly eye-watering level of success, we are nevertheless aware that there are still approximately 7,124,900,000 humans who haven’t seen our video, so we’ve posted it below. Quite what those people have been doing all this time, we have no idea.

Titanium unlocked at Project LYs

25 July 2012

Ever seen Blue Steel that powerful before? No, of course you haven't.No, not the lustrous white metal (we’re not building a corrosion-resistant battleship, honest) but rather our live acoustic version of the David Guetta hit from his recent album ‘Nothing But The Beat’.

The track was unlocked when we hit 25,000 views at Massive thanks to everyone who has been sharing our videos on social networking sites and so on… you’re a huge bunch of legends. Click here to claim your delicious free prize.

We’re still (ahem) a short distance from our eventual target of 10 million, but these things take time! The more hits we get, the more content we unlock – so do keep spreading the good word.

And if you haven’t had a chance to check the site out yet, give it a gander (as in slang for ‘look’, not an adult male goose. I’m not doing well today, am I?) for recent LYs music videos and a trilogy of readings from my upcoming Lightyears novel, Mockstars.