we found love

Rihanna unlocked at Project Lightyears

28 August 2012

This is us, in our living room. Seriously. We do this music shit and then we watch Midsomer Murders together over a nice bottle of Rioja.A few days ago we reached 35,000 views at www.ProjectLightyears.com and decided it wasn’t fair to keep Rihanna locked up anymore, so we released her. Click here to download your free copy of our acoustic cover of We Found Love.

Thanks to everyone who’s been sharing our content on Facebook and Twitter – it means a lot to us.

If you haven’t seen the video yet and are still trying to decide whether it’s worth taking the time to download the free stuff we’re basically lobbing at you, here’s what it sounds like:

New LYs music videos now online

6 February 2012

'OK boys. Whoever perfects Blue Steel first wins a fiver.'Earlier this month we recorded a series of live music videos in our favourite local bar, Powder Keg Diplomacy.

The first two videos are now online – click to view our acoustic covers of David Guetta’s Titanium and Rihanna’s We Found Love.

More videos to come, including a dusting-off of Lightyears favourite Girl on The Radio and three readings from my new LYs novel, Mockstars.