News & Insights 12 November 2009

Tate Modern, here we come…

We had to stand still for a very long time. But it was worth it.Over the past few weeks I’ve been spotting my face all over bus stops, underground stations and bins (no, really) as part of the new T-Mobile ad campaign. I know what you’re thinking – if a man sees his face on too many shopping centre bins then, eventually, he’s going to develop an intolerable ego. Well, true to form, the ego is burgeoning and well and truly on its way. But that’s not all. Not only have I found myself (semi-) immortalised in a mobile phone advert but, along with George and Tony, I have now been forever documented in a rather excellent painting by Charlotte Harris from Langtree School in Oxfordshire.

This may sound like an episode of Heartbeat but in fact Charlotte painted the above picture, along with a second one featured below, as part of her recent GCSE Art project.

If you’ve painted a picture of The Lightyears, or have perhaps built a shrine to the band in your front room complete with inflatable mannikins and potato print murals, please do send it in and we’ll publish it on the website.

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