News & Insights 31 May 2008

The Grand Hyatt Hotel – Seoul – 31/05/08

How was it for us?

This was our third visit to South Korea and I think we all feel like we know the place quite well now. The Queen’s Birthday Ball is always fun to play and well attended by well dressed ex-pats and Koreans alike. The theme of the ball this year was Phantom of the Opera. Chris wasted no time in jumping on the grand piano in full Phantom getup to play some of his infamous Easy-Listening-Heavy-Metal.

When The Lightyears proper took the stage, accompanied by John on bass, the dancefloor was full straight away and stayed that way for the whole night. It’s great to travel thousands of miles and know it was a job well done! Hospitality, as always, was superb. Special thanks to Elaine and Gail for looking after us so well!

George Lightyear

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