News & Insights 11 June 2013

Details of The Lightyears’ American tour 2013

We’re very excited to confirm that we’re returning to our spiritual home this summer and heading stateside for a series of American tour dates in mid-August.

The tour will be kicking off with a headline set at New York’s Astoria Park on Thursday 15 August, and concluding with a show at Burlington Amphitheatre in  New Jersey on Sunday 18th. Both gigs are free to attend. We will also be headlining an intimate acoustic show at Riverton Circle Of Friends on Friday 16th, and tickets are on sale now – click here to buy yours!

You can find full details on the GIGS page.

As many of you will know, we have been playing in America for years now and have always had an absolute blast. The audiences, venues and – most importantly – the FOOD are consistently amazing, and we can’t wait to get stuck in once again (yes, I am talking about sandwiches here). Japes and larks on previous LYs US tours have included blagging our way into British Airways business class, playing two gigs in two continents in under twenty hours, and a cripplingly cheesy foot-long hoagie that rendered George useless for the best part of a day.

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