News & Insights 30 March 2009

The Lightyears on Wikipedia

Look how happy Danny and Tony are that we're finally on WikipediaThe Lightyears now have a page on Wikipedia – which is great, ‘cos it means we now officially exist.

Click here to visit The Lightyears’ Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia is a collaborative, user-generated, multilingual online encyclopedia – or, in other words, a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. This means that you can add information to our page if you so desire.

Do bear in mind though that additions to any Wikipedia page have to be “notable” in some way, as well as being verifiable by a reliable internet source. This means that, whilst the time you had a pint with us in The Eagle was lovely and everything, it probably doesn’t belong on our Wikipedia page. However, the time we headlined Shea Stadium with The B-52s should be included (it’s an oversight that it’s not on there already, come to think of it).

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