News & Insights 25 July 2013

USA Tour Merchandise goes into production

Tour MerchandiseWe’ve just initiated the production of some brand-new Lightyears tour merchandise for our trip to the East Coast of America next month.

Fans at our US gigs in August will be able to get their hands on one of a new range of LYs t-shirts, along with – for the first time ever – Lightyears guitar picks. So hoorah for that.

Our bevvy of delicious Lightyears goodies is being pressed by the awesome, a collective of musically-minded types in Philadelphia committed to supporting and promoting bands travelling to the area. Great guys – look them up on Twitter or Facebook!

Buy tickets for the tour

Our mini-tour of the States next month will take in some rather splendid venues – two we’ve played before, and two we haven’t. The opening and closing dates of the tour are free entry, and tickets for the middle two are on sale now. Click the links below for more details. Looking forward to seeing lots of you folks there!

For full information, visit the GIGS page.

Thursday 15 August: Astoria Park, New York (FREE SHOW!)
Friday 16 August: Jamey’s House Of Music, Philadelphia PA (BUY TICKETS)
Saturday 17 August: Circle Of Friends, Riverton NJ (BUY TICKETS)
Sunday 18 August: Burlington Amphitheatre, Westampton NJ (FREE SHOW!)

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