News & Insights 9 August 2013

Philly’s The Ticket covers upcoming US tour

uk bands touring americaPhiladelphia’s The Ticket magazine (the entertainment section of the Montgomery News) has published an interview with Lightyears’ pianist Chris in this week’s issue.

Click here to read the full piece.

Journalist David Kleinman covers various topics over the course of the article, including the time we performed in a Belgian cow shed, the time we accidentally headlined a crèche in Peterborough and the story behind why we started writing songs in the first place.

Other American press on The Lightyears

This year we’ve also been featured on – would you believe it – a golfing blog in the New Jersey. Inbetween (presumably) lining up holes-in-one and buffing putters, Golfing Jersey Girl took the time to run this article on our 2013 trip to the States.

Buy tickets for the upcoming tour

We’re playing two free shows and two ticketed shows while in America this summer. For full details of all dates, visit the GIGS page. Here’s the basic rundown with quick links to buy tickets:

Thursday 15 August: Astoria Park, New York (FREE SHOW!)
Friday 16 August: Jamey’s House Of Music, Philadelphia PA (BUY TICKETS)
Saturday 17 August: Circle Of Friends, Riverton NJ (BUY TICKETS)
Sunday 18 August: Burlington Amphitheatre, Westampton NJ (FREE SHOW!)

Get your hands on new LYs merchandise

We’re currently having some brand-new LYs t-shirts and guitar picks pressed by the rather tremendous folk over at Philly Band Merch. For more details on what we’ll be hawking at our USA gigs this year, click here.

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