News & Insights 26 November 2013

Jam with the LYs on Whole World Band

whole world bandThe Lightyears have been selected to feature alongside Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones in a new and innovative music app called Whole World Band, which allows musicians to digitally ‘jam’ together over the internet.

The app, which launched this month, takes video ‘seed’ tracks by artists and invites users to layer their own recordings over the top. An e-Jam, if you will. And to get things moving, Whole World Band are giving €8 of credit to the first 5,000 users to download the app to their mobile device.

Pop over to now to take a look. Because come on – we know how many of you have “Jam With The Lightyears” on your bucket list (right next to swimming with dolphins, and licking Zac Efron).

Confused? Fear not – here’s an explanatory video from the WWB folks themselves:

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