News & Insights 2 November 2009

Writing a song for T-Mobile…

George (right) jamming with Josh (left) in Rak StudiosOur involvement with the new T-Mobile ad campaign is now beginning to get exciting. Friends and family have been spotting us all over the UK on TV ads, billboards, bus-stops and train station big screens…. and today we were brought in to write the campaign’s flagship song.

We were invited to the famous Rak Studios in St John’s Wood, which is where Radiohead recorded The Bends. Our brief was to write a song that would provide the basis for the next leg of the campaign – travelling around the country and inspiring mass nationwide sing-alongs. No pressure then.

Joined by Josh on bass and the amazing Mike Glozier on the drums, George and I wrote a song called “Come With Me” – an uplifting, quirky, catchy pop number about gathering together everyone you know and going on a massive road trip (you can read the lyrics here). Various different songwriters and groups of musicians have been asked to contribute material to T-Mobile’s cause and it’s not clear yet which song the ad execs at Saatchi & Saatchi will choose. Fingers crossed – we find out tomorrow…

ps. If you’ve seen The Lightyears on a billboard or bus-stop, send us a picture of yourself with the advert (preferably with your thumbs-up – it’s the only respectable way to be photographed) and we’ll publish it on the website.

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