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Come one, come all, to Birmingham…

13 November 2009

Look at Josh. Look how lonely he is. Make his day. Come to Brum.All the great tours start in great cities. That’s just a simple fact of rock and roll. It might be the Enormodome, Memphis, or the Shepherd’s Bush Empire, or New York’s Madison Square Gardens.

This tour, on the other hand, begins in Birmingham.

But you gotta start somewhere, eh?!

Tomorrow morning at 11am, Josh’s Band (featuring Chris and George Lightyear) will be premiering at the Birmingham Bullring in an attempt to get the good people of the UK singing the song we wrote last week in a studio in St John’s Wood. It’s called “Come With Me” and it’s invitingly simple to play and sing (click here for lyrics and chords; click here for recording and sheet music).

If you possess even just a modicum of musical talent or inclination, come join us and you could end up starring in a T-Mobile advert. It’s going to be exactly like the video for “All You Need Is Love”… except, you know, in a shopping centre.

Visit Josh’s Myspace page to find out more.

LYs write song for T-Mobile ad campaign

7 November 2009

Chris & George on the big screen at Euston StationLast week we were asked by T-Mobile and Josh Ward (the face of their recent “free texts for life” adverts) to write a song for their new campaign that would inspire thousands of people across the country to “Join Josh’s Superband”. We were up against a number of other musicians and songwriters but we’re excited to announce that T-Mobile have chosen our song!

The track is called “Come With Me” and a basic recording can be heard here. The idea is that, over time, loads of musicians and singers will add their voices and instruments to the track to create a joyous, ramshackle, ‘superband’ sound.

Click here to read the lyrics and learn the chords (it’s very straighforward!).

The other development from the past week is that George and I, along with the superb Mike Glozier on drums, have been recruited for Josh’s core band. The band will be touring around the country over the coming month and teaching “Come With Me” to as many people as possible. Visit Josh’s Myspace for details.

Where the project will go from there, only time will tell…

Visit the BLOG page to read about our experiences so far.

Come With Me (written for the T-Mobile ad campaign)

6 November 2009

This House Will Burn
2 July 2007 · Print This Article
(Russell, Owens)
You left me nothing to lose
Falling out of my skin
I found that all this time
You’ve been lying to me
They left me battered and bruised
All these things that I’ve seen
Houses will burn down
And we will be torn at the seams
I’m taking everything back
I’m reclaiming the old city streets
I found that all this time
They’ve been waiting for me
They left me crawling and sick
All these things that I’ve seen
Houses will burn down
And we will be haunted by screams
Houses will burn down
And we will be torn at the seams
Now I talk in my sleep
I tell tales of daring and pain
All of my friends will be gathered in thundering rain
The truth is my sweetheart you’ll never see my face again
So you stand and you stare
If you think that I’m wrong, I don’t care
I’m pouring out all my heartbreak
But nothing is stirring inside
All that I ask for
Is some sign that I’m still alive
So I pour myself another black and white
And resign to settle in here for the night
I don’t care if you bring me back – just keep her safe from harm
And now I’m waiting for the call to bring my brothers home
Safe here in my arms
You left me nothing to lose
Nothing is real when there’s no one to hear you
In front of your eyes your whole life will come crashing
She will betray you as if you mean nothing
Painters will paint you a room that is flaming with fear
This house will burn down so please take me far, far from here

*Check out the music video for this song here*

(Russell, Owens, Ward, Glozier)

I pack my case in the night
You tell me I’ll be alright
I call up all of my friends
I hold my breath, count of ten, then you

Come to me, we go together and you
Stay with me, we stay together and you
Come with me, we go together and we

First light and we’re on our way
I say all I have to say
You stand with all of my friends
I run and run and run and run and then you

Come to me, we go together and you
Stay with me, we stay together and you
Come with me, we go together and we

Come with me
Stay with me
Come with me
Stay with me

Come to me, we go together and you
Stay with me, we stay together and you
Come with me, we go together and we

Chord Sequence (repeated throughout):

One bar of A followed by half a bar of D and half a bar of E
|  A   A   A   A  |  D   D   E   E  |

Our song in a national ad campaign…!

3 November 2009

This is definitely the coolest I have ever looked.Here’s the news – T-Mobile have selected our song “Come With Me” to be the signature song for their upcoming ad campaign. On top of this, George and Chris have now officially joined Josh Ward (the face of the ad campaign) and virtuoso drummer Mike Glozier to form the core band for the tour. This means that we’ll be bombing up and down the country over the next month or so performing the song and teaching it to – hopefully – thousands of people.

Click here to view the latest episode of Josh’s Superband Saga – featuring The Lightyears in the studio, working on “Come With Me”.

This whole campaign has grown organically and it’s impossible to say what will happen next… but there’s a good chance you’ll be hearing more about it soon, whether it’s in the paper, on the TV or in your hometown. Whether you’re musical or not, Josh wants you to Join His Band. And you should. He’s a lovely chap, you know.

You can read the lyrics for our song “Come With Me” on the LYRICS page.

You can here “Come With Me” on Josh’s Myspace page by clicking here.

Writing a song for T-Mobile…

2 November 2009

George (right) jamming with Josh (left) in Rak StudiosOur involvement with the new T-Mobile ad campaign is now beginning to get exciting. Friends and family have been spotting us all over the UK on TV ads, billboards, bus-stops and train station big screens…. and today we were brought in to write the campaign’s flagship song.

We were invited to the famous Rak Studios in St John’s Wood, which is where Radiohead recorded The Bends. Our brief was to write a song that would provide the basis for the next leg of the campaign – travelling around the country and inspiring mass nationwide sing-alongs. No pressure then.

Joined by Josh on bass and the amazing Mike Glozier on the drums, George and I wrote a song called “Come With Me” – an uplifting, quirky, catchy pop number about gathering together everyone you know and going on a massive road trip (you can read the lyrics here). Various different songwriters and groups of musicians have been asked to contribute material to T-Mobile’s cause and it’s not clear yet which song the ad execs at Saatchi & Saatchi will choose. Fingers crossed – we find out tomorrow…

ps. If you’ve seen The Lightyears on a billboard or bus-stop, send us a picture of yourself with the advert (preferably with your thumbs-up – it’s the only respectable way to be photographed) and we’ll publish it on the website.

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